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For the LifeSciences/BioTech/Health issues The Corridor, we've focused on a robust group of technologies and financial info for your edification and use, We have requested faculty, entrepreneurs, inventors, investors and business gurus to help us explore the synergy that begins in the classroom and evolves into economic realities. I hope you enjoy it, and please, if you do, let us know.

I recently learned that my Orthopedist employs stem-cell treatment. I also learned that it's not covered by insurance and that out-of-pocket costs begin at $5,000.00 for treatment. Claims for the process are astounding and promise to be life altering. Apparently even long term injuries can be successfully treated, and the victim of an injury can return to the non-injured life they enjoyed prior. However, at the moment, it is unaffordable for most.
We had the great pleasure to have a conversation in early March with Michael Dowling, President and CEO of Northwell Health, Long Island's largest private employer in New York State and ranks number 14 Nationwide. If the visionary Mr. Dowling continues successfully, it will very likely emerge as Number 1. In light of the recent, merciless health care reform bill, my personal extrapolation of the interview is the fervent hope that Universal Healthcare is possible, and if anyone can do it, Northwell, under the progressive leadership of Michael Dowling, can. Perhaps then, stem cell therapy will become affordable for everyone and nobody would ever have to be without healthcare again.

Medical marjiuana is here to stay. We have two articles regarding the potential of legal herb. One from a financial point of view, and the other from a local availability perspective. Neil Kaufman, and angel investor and attorney offers a lengthy treatise on how to finance your marijuana operation, and David Abecassis, tell us where and how to score legally on Long Island. It might be legal, but it won't be a cottage industry anywhere in the foreseeable future. East End farmers have voted a resounding "NO" on growing hemp or marijuana crops, citing security as the main issue. New York's Industrial Hemp Agricultural Pilot Program, commenced in 2016, was authorized following the federal government's passage of the 2014 Farm Bill, which allows universities and state departments of agriculture to grow or cultivate industrial hemp substance. An active, legal cannabis program on Long Island might deliver a pleasant shock to out economy. Industrial Hemp, can be used in composites, and since we have a composite center in Bethpage. (made On Long Island, spring, 2016) and if it were recreationally legal the economy would boom powerfully enough to ensure that security would not be an issue.

The Corridor would like to congratulate Dr. John Nader on his recent inauguration as President of Farmingdale State College. Dr. Nader is an accomplished and intuitive academic with goals firmly focused in the future. He is well-suited for the position, having previously served as Provost at SUNY Delhi, where he monitored its smart growth strategy; a driving economic force on Long Island as well. He also spearheaded the effort to create many new academic programs in addition to the introduction of the Delhi's first graduate degree program. As Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences there, and, as prvist and dean, focused on the promotion of student success. Farmingdale State College promises to be his next great accomplishment with the introduction of its first Master's degree program. Dr. Nader, an inveterate over-achiever and polymath, earned his BA in Politics from Ithaca College and an MA and PhD in Economics from the New School for Social Research. We think he is a great fit for Long Island.

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